In order to win, it puts everything into the strongest racing oil.





Produced using “ES-TECH,” our ester technology. The non-polymer formulation provides outstanding shearing, and in spite of low viscosity, a strong oil seal and stable oil flow enables OW-20
to do the job alone.

BRILL 12.5W-40

The viscosity has been perfected through our long experience in motor sports. The non-polymer formulation for short range driving provides a stable oil supply. “ES-TECH” protects turbine bearings, and the viscosity has proved perfect in many races including Super GT and Super Endurance.

BRILL 17.5W-50

The non-polymer “ES-TECH” formulation creates a sufficient oil seal for a stable oil supply as well as powerful torque at maximum-speed driving.

BRILL 20W-60

The highest viscosity grade developed especially for engine types exceeding 1000 HP for the Drift or Time Attack Series. Utilizing (ESTECH)ʼs ester base and non-polymers formulation for outstanding
heat stability and the strongest oil film to protect the high powered engine. Of course, the viscosity may be customized by blending with other BRILL engine oil series.

With your own mixed oils, you can drive your car any way you like.
SUNOCO BRILL mixing ratio

Brill oils mixed for different uses are perfect for versatile drivers.


BRILL 75W-90

Full esters non-polymer formulation type gear oil. Excellent heat resistance and durability. Suitable for FF, 4X4, transaxle and etc.

BRILL 75W-120

It delivers what is desired of 75W-90 at high temperatures and of 80W-140 at low temperatures. Universal use type recommended for FF, Trans Axle, 4 x 4 TransAxle, DEF (Differential Gear) and LSD (Limited Slip Differential).

BRILL 80W-140

Recommended for the transmission of a mid-engine car. Non-polymer formulation keeps viscosity stable, preventing shearing, and assures that LSD will work properly.


Recommended for fans of sporty and maximum-speed driving. Full synthetic formulation provides excellent wear resistance. This fluid is best for speed driving rather than smooth transmission shift.